Initial Design Form

The purpose of this form is to gather as much information as possible about your requirements for the website and to allow us to design a site that matches your expectations as closely as possible.

Please try and complete the form as fully and as detailed as possible, the more information we can gather now the smoother and quicker the project will progress.

Section 1 Your Details
Company Name
Years Trading
Section 2 The Purpose of the Site

Please tell us why you want a website, do you wish to simply display contact
details or do you want to sell products online. The more information
the better and this is the most important step of the whole project.

Section 3 The Size of the Site

How many pages will your website need? This is an important question. People don’t like navigating through 50 pages when the information can be contained on 10 pages. Also more importantly for you, a 50 page site will cost a lot more than a 10 page site. Please note this is not a definite number, we can advise you on the final size of the site when this form is completed.

Section 4 Do you have the information ready for the site?

The best websites on the internet are easy to navigate, user friendly and above all informative. The more information you can supply us with the better your site will be. That doesn't just mean the text for the site. Any business stationary- business cards, letterheads, photos, price lists, anything! It all makes a difference.
This can be emailed to us or posted to us. Please note all material can be returned if needed.

Section 5 Design

How do you want your site to look? Do you want a simple looking site or a futuristic looking one? Do you want easy on the eye pastel colours and bold colour that strike you! Does your business already have an image you wish to use? Have you seen any website you would like yours to look like?

Section 6 Domain Name

Your domain name is very important. It must be easy to remember, accurately reflect your business and most importantly be available to purchase. Do you already know what you want your domain name to be?

Please note that a domain is included in the price of our website design however if you want a different domain for example .com the difference in price will be charged.
Do you already have a domain name
If yes please enter
If no what is your desired domain name
Section 7 Web Hosting

All websites need web hosting; our hosting packages begin at £5.99pm.
Depending on the size of your site we can advise you on the best hosting packages for you.

Will you require hosting
Section 8 SEO
SEO stands for search engine optimisation. 99% of internet users find websites via a search engine like Google or Yahoo. If your website is not listed on the most popular search engines you are missing out on the vast amount of traffic. We offer a range of SEO services from just £20pm
Are you interested in our SEO services
Thank you for completing the form






All our website design packages include the following:


Professional website design

A one off cost (no monthly/annual payments)

Logo creation and website branding

Domain Name Registration

Multiple email accounts

Visitor statistics

Search engine optimisation




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